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20 February 2009 @ 10:44 am
hey girls  
questions :)...sorry to bother you with them...

i bought ultralife detox thing the other day and i just tried one this morning..i thought the taste was going to be unbarable but it was fine just like a weak fruit juice thats all...im not realli sure what its meant to do but hey i'll give anything a try!!!!!!
have any of you tried it?
did it do anything for you?

also,, hoodia? does that actualli work...i was going to buy it and i was reading up on it and apparantli there is no evidence that it actualli works for weight loss just for indegestion? i was hoping someone could shed some light on that and just give me their opinion on what they think is the best diet pill they can get a hold of...im living in the uk if that makes any difference...


think thin.x